Our Mission Tseytlin Consulting, Inc. is specialized in developing new highly effective technologies for offshore and onshore drilling, production and safety as well as high-precision 2D and 3D mathematical models and computer simulators. Our inventions can save time and resources, as well as protect peoples' lives and help conserve the environment. ﷯ ﷯ Our Technologies Our inventions include: Technology for optimization of production (TOP) Acoustic method of early detection of gas kicks New method of killing gas kicks on offshore wells Method of restoring control and resuming production at an offshore oil well after an explosion Our Software We have the following software products available: Simulator of tripping operations Simulator of electromagnetic measurement while drilling (EM-MWD) transmission channel for vertical wells Simulator of EM-MWD transmission channel for horizontal wells ﷯
Our Clients Tseytlin Consulting, Inc. has worked with a number of leading companies in oil and gas industry to advance the state of technology in exploration, drilling and production of oil wells. We have worked with both US and international clients in countries like Canada, Russia and Kasakhstan. ﷯ ﷯ Contact Us If you have any questions about our software or technologies please reach out to us by phone or by e-mail provided on the contacts page. About Us Tseytlin Consulting, Inc. has a small staff of dedicated professionals and we hire additional personnel for the bigger projects. Dr. Simon Tseytlin is the Chief Scientist of Tseytlin Consulting. ﷯